Do’s and Don’ts With an Attorney

Having limited experience in interacting with an attorney is not a bad thing. It means that you have lived most of your life without getting in trouble with the law. But it also means that when you do find yourself needing a lawyer, you may be unsure about the best way to interact with them. We have put together a guide that should help individuals in Colorado Springs who needed to hire a lawyer for the first time.

Do: Speak Openly and Honestly

The biggest DO when you are dealing with an attorney is to have an open and honest dialogue. If you are trying to hide things from your attorney, you are doing things wrong. Of course, you want to protect your image and you do not want your attorney to judge you for a mistake you made. But such personal feelings are going to get in the way of your case.

If a lawyer does not get the best information from you, they are in the dark. What if the other side gets some information that you have not shared with your attorney? You may get your lawyer blindsided during the trial. That is never good for your chances of getting an acquittal.

Don’t: Mislead your Attorney

Defendents always assume that small falsehoods are no issue. For instance, your lawyer asks you to give them all your financial documents for a civil or divorce case. You give them almost everything. You are misleading your attorney in this situation. Sure, you gave them almost everything, but it is not everything. There is a reason your lawyer asked for those documents. It is to help you.

Do: Ask Questions

It is amazing how many defendents feel they should stay quiet when they are with their lawyer, because they do not want to come off as stupid. It is a huge mistake. You are not well versed in the law. You are not a lawyer. It is the reason you hired one. Even if you think your question is the stupidest one in the world, make sure you ask your attorney! They are present to help you. If you are not asking questions about a topic, they assume that you are comfortable with it.

Don’t: Falsify Payments

Being in financial difficulty while your trial is going on is not unique. You may have needed to pay bail money. You need to take time off work. You are paying your lawyer. Finances can be tight. If you are being asked for payment by your attorney, do not keep handing them bad checks.

Do not lie and say you will send the payment in a day or week. Be honest. Attorneys can work out payment with clients. You can go on a monthly payment plan until your bills are paid off. Just tell them your financial situation instead of pretending you will pay them in full in a few days.