How We Deal with DUI Clients

Despite the severe penalties associated with DUIs, we find many of our clients are attending court because they were arrested while driving under the influence. We always encourage our clients to make better decisions.

The best way to avoid a DUI sentencing is to never get arrested for a DUI in the first place. Between taxis, Ubers and getting a ride with a friend, there is always a better option than driving under the influence.

But a client who is being charged is already past that point. We can hope to improve their future behavior, but the focus is on getting their sentencing minimized right now. To achieve this result, we approach the case in different ways.

Assess the Arrest:

You would be surprised at the number of DUI cases that are thrown out because the arrest was handled improperly. Perhaps the officer had no reason to pull you over in the first place. Maybe they were overly aggressive during questioning or the arrest. These facts can be used in our client’s favor.

Talk to the Prosecution:

Maintaining a good relationship with the prosecution is a key aspect of our strategy. We want to understand the DA’s point of view. Conversing with the other side helps to gauge their state of mind. Do they want a quick plea deal? Or do they want to make an example of our client?

Point to History:

It is always our intention to use our client’s history in the best way we can. Of course, someone who has a history of arrests is not a good candidate for such a strategy. But someone who has never been arrested or been in trouble with the law can be helped a lot. Judges are often lenient on first time offenders. Even if your DUI charge is proven, we can ensure that you do not face more than a fine and some license points.