Three Ways a Colorado Springs Firm Can Use Tech in 2018

Building a smaller law firm in Colorado Springs in 2018 is not without its challenges. You are entering an established market, you are attempting to lure more clients and you need to balance budgets along the way. But there is some good news. You are getting to use technology at an even greater level than before.

Tech makes things so much easier for smaller firms. Yes, you need an investment to make use of this tech. But when you pick the best option, you will find that your workload lightens and efficiency goes up. That is what we are aiming to achieve here. If you run a law firm in Colorado Springs, check out these tech trends for 2018 and beyond:

  1. Artificial Intelligence

The first topic we want to mention is the one that would require the most investment – but also comes with the biggest payoff. Sure, you must spend a good amount of money if you are hoping to use AI as part of your firm. But the rewards are rich. We have already seen many law firms around the world start to use AI as part of their daily tasks. AI is great at combing through a lot of data and offering basic opinions on cases.

Even if you do not need its opinions, the combing of data is so useful. Say you need to find a specific point. The AI can easily search through legal documents on various databases and give you a quick answer.

  1. Machine Learning

If you do not have the money for proper AI within your law firm, you may be interested in machine learning. There are already many affordable software options that allow you to harness the power of machine learning for research and other purposes. It is research where you can get the biggest benefit from machine learning. Say you have a massive case ahead, but you know there is some bit of legal information you need before you can proceed.

Normally, you would have paralegals spending hours combing through various books and documents to find that information. They get it eventually, but it is not easy and it takes up a lot of time. Machine learning can save you hours of that time. It can find what you need very quickly. It leaves you to focus on the case. And your paralegals can work on other jobs for the firm.

  1. Cybersecurity

With new tech comes a set of challenges that firms cannot escape from. The idea of a small law firm getting hacked was unthinkable five or ten years ago. Small firms were rarely the target, as they barely used tech. But even small firms in Colorado Springs are fully attuned to the cloud. You probably have all your client information, legal documents and other items stored online with a secure service.

These services make it easier for you to use and share information. But they also make you more susceptible to cyberattacks. You must ensure that you are taking steps to protect all your relevant data from hacking or destruction. It is a vital tech trend that we cannot escape from in 2018. Cyberattacks are increasingly common. And even if your firm has not been hit before, it does not mean you are safe. It just means you have been lucky so far.

Do’s and Don’ts With an Attorney

Having limited experience in interacting with an attorney is not a bad thing. It means that you have lived most of your life without getting in trouble with the law. But it also means that when you do find yourself needing a lawyer, you may be unsure about the best way to interact with them. We have put together a guide that should help individuals in Colorado Springs who needed to hire a lawyer for the first time.

Do: Speak Openly and Honestly

The biggest DO when you are dealing with an attorney is to have an open and honest dialogue. If you are trying to hide things from your attorney, you are doing things wrong. Of course, you want to protect your image and you do not want your attorney to judge you for a mistake you made. But such personal feelings are going to get in the way of your case.

If a lawyer does not get the best information from you, they are in the dark. What if the other side gets some information that you have not shared with your attorney? You may get your lawyer blindsided during the trial. That is never good for your chances of getting an acquittal.

Don’t: Mislead your Attorney

Defendents always assume that small falsehoods are no issue. For instance, your lawyer asks you to give them all your financial documents for a civil or divorce case. You give them almost everything. You are misleading your attorney in this situation. Sure, you gave them almost everything, but it is not everything. There is a reason your lawyer asked for those documents. It is to help you.

Do: Ask Questions

It is amazing how many defendents feel they should stay quiet when they are with their lawyer, because they do not want to come off as stupid. It is a huge mistake. You are not well versed in the law. You are not a lawyer. It is the reason you hired one. Even if you think your question is the stupidest one in the world, make sure you ask your attorney! They are present to help you. If you are not asking questions about a topic, they assume that you are comfortable with it.

Don’t: Falsify Payments

Being in financial difficulty while your trial is going on is not unique. You may have needed to pay bail money. You need to take time off work. You are paying your lawyer. Finances can be tight. If you are being asked for payment by your attorney, do not keep handing them bad checks.

Do not lie and say you will send the payment in a day or week. Be honest. Attorneys can work out payment with clients. You can go on a monthly payment plan until your bills are paid off. Just tell them your financial situation instead of pretending you will pay them in full in a few days.